Opening Salvo

This will be my first attempt at keeping a written record, so please forgive the mistakes, missteps, and possible long duration silence you may experience when reading what is published here. In trying to decide what exactly I wanted to portray here, and why I wanted to do so (I am still not sure about that part yet), I put my mind to trying to define the influences with which I order my own life, with the hope of making them “blog-able”. Herein I list these influences in no particular order of importance, as I am sure they will ebb and flow based on circumstance.

  1. Logos, Ethos, Pathos with an emphasis on the first two.
  2. Thinking about National Defense for the betterment of those institutions within it.
  3. Staunch Realism with the occasional idealistic detour.
  4. Service before self, especially in leadership.
  5. Striving, and often failing, to live the strenuous life.
  6. History is the enduring story that lends context to the present.
  7. The importance of balance in life, thinking, and politics.
  8. Strategic thinking is a never-ending, lifelong pursuit.
  9. Never mistake the power in the contemplation of, and action through, virtue.
  10. There is no finer title that could be placed on my headstone than that of “Raconteur”.

I will do my best to remain ideologically consistent, and in all hopefulness,  thoughtful and entertaining.  To close, a quote from one of the greatest men of any generation:

“We must show, not merely in great crises, but in the everyday affairs of life, the qualities of practical intelligence, of courage, of hardihood, and endurance, and above all the power of devotion to a lofty ideal, which made great the men who founded this Republic in the days of Washington, which made great the men who preserved this Republic in the days of Abraham Lincoln.” – Theodore Roosevelt


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